Trustbond replaces the cash bond with a surety certificate you buy for a fee, liberating your money for the things that matter to you.

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Why Trustbond?

When you rent a home you need to give your landlord a rental bond. Today, that rental bond is your frozen cash (up to 6 weeks of rent). That might suit some, but for most of us that's a lot of money. Money you might need to spend on things you care about, like family, studies, business and travel.

Trustbond is a surety bond you buy for a fee from one of Australia's largest general insurers. It allows you to give your landlord the same protection without tying up your cash.

How it works?

The fee varies. So a quick example would be for a rental bond of $1500, you pay a fee as low as $190 to cover you for the lease. That's it. We cover your landlord for the full $1500 with a surety bond certificate issued by one of Australia's largest insurers. And you free your money for whatever you need it for. Get your personalized quote here.

Trustbond is a surety bond and the fee is all you pay up-front. It is provided by general insurer AAI Limited. Trustbond is not like a loan where you need to pay back the principal, interest and fees. This means more cash flow for you throughout the lease.

Pre-approval for a Trustbond can be done online within a matter of minutes. Our automated eligibility process is based on your online reputation. Through this we make an assessment that if you are a good online citizen, you will also be a trustworthy tenant. Tenants establish a TrustScore and if you have a high TrustScore you will receive a discount.

If there is a claim, we pay the landlord. If there was bad faith or intentional acts, then there may be recovery from a tenant. But we fully cover any accidents or financial hardship, unlike cash bonds today. If you have a claim from bad faith, your TrustScore may go down and you might not be eligible for another Trustbond.

It’s a fee/cover for the term of the lease (up to 2 years). If you renew your lease, you can renew your Trustbond with a 50% discount. The second renewal is a further 50% discount and third renewal and onwards is free until you leave the property. We do it this way so it's cheaper up-front.

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Trustbond is powered by Terri Scheer, the landlord insurance specialist, loved by Landlords and Agents. Trustbond is provided by AAI Limited, one of Australia's largest general insurers.

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